Taping machine Rotar 500 Series

Rotar 500


Whether you need wiring harnesses for a vehicle door, mirror or battery: The Rotar 500 Series taping machines are perfect for fabricating highly complex harnesses.


Highest process and operator safety

  • Blocking of the cable is prevented by the right-justified winding head.
  • No collision points.
  • Reproducible taping quality due to programme control.
  • The process bonnet opens and closes fully automatically and detects handling errors automatically.
  • The fully automatic linear bonnet covers all moving parts of the machine.

Highest productivity and minimum downtimes

  • The processing of tape rolls up to a diameter of 220 mm reduces downtimes and ensures optimum set-up times.
  • By integrating a second linear arm, it is possible to position two or more cables/connectors exactly to each other.
  • The large winding head area creates space for the handling of the cable and enables an optimal handling time.

High operator and maintenance friendliness

  • Easy operation thanks to simple programme import and touch screen.
  • A digital operating manual directly on the panel is available at all times and facilitates quick problem solving.
  • In the event of faults during operation, an automatic display of problems and solutions is provided.
  • The Rotar 500 series is prepared for connection to an MES.




  •  Programming can be done in tabular form and via the ITA C machine software.
  •  With the help of this software, the programme sequence can be created based on the drawing of the cable harness structure.
  •  The parameters can be adjusted intuitively and the software automatically calculates the optimum process sequence

ITA C is available in two versions:

  • ITA C Machine Software for programming directly on the machine's panel.
  • The ITA C desktop licence is a licence-based software for creating the programme on a desktop PC (e.g. in the production planning office).


  • Linear cover
  • MES connection
  • Light in the winding head
  • ITA C machine software
  • ITA C desktop licence
  • Clamping ring for processing two tape reels
  • Second linear system
  • Machine extension


Technical data Rotar 500 Series


Taping long cable harnesses with a large number of branches

Adhesive tape and cable harness data

Cable harness diameter 2–35 mm

Max. winding length

50 m to endless

Length deviation per winding step

Max. +2%

Adhesive tape materials

A wide range of automotive and industrial adhesive tapes
(optional: double taping with non-adhesive aluminum tape)

Adhesive tape width

9–25 mm

Tape roll core diameter (standard)

1.5“ und 3“

Maximum tape roll outer diameter

max. 220 mm
Machine data
Winding head speed

100–1.200 U/min

Feed type

Combined linear and belt or roller feed
1 or 2 linear arms


0–70 mm/turn, program-controlled

Length of the linear unit

500 mm or 1.200 mm

End-of-tape detection by optical sensor

Electrical connection

3L/N/PE 380 – 480V AC/50-60Hz
(optional: 3P/N/PE 380 – 480V AC/50-60Hz)

Back-up fuse

16 A

Power input

2.100 W
Control voltage 24 V DC

Operating pressure

6 bar (0,6 MPa / 87 psi)

Dimensions (H/L/W)

1630 mm × 1210 mm × 844 mm


approximately 295 kg

Product info Rotar 500 Series PDF download



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