Passionate commitment and innovative spirit

3 July 2018

The success story of KABATEC

"We all drive well-equipped cars, but most of us are not aware that a large part of the cable assemblies included in our cars' electrical systems have been produced with our company's machines." With these works, the KABATEC managing directors Heinz Billing and Markus Reisinger offer a vivid insight into the field of activity of their company located in Burghaun, Germany.
Passionate commitment and innovative spirit as well as a sure feeling for global markets and their requirements have made KABATEC a worldwide leader in the field of taping and bundling technology. KABATEC is active on a global scale and is continually opening up new markets. For its customers – principally from the automobile industry – KABATEC provides full system solutions for processing cables and wiring of all sorts. The company's core business includes the production of taping and bundling machines as well as the planning and realization of special customer-specific equipment solutions. Through continual development and innovation, KABATEC guarantees a high level of product safety and combines many years of experience with the most modern technology.

Highly successful business development

The company was founded in 2008 by managing directors Heinz Billing and Markus Reisinger with 15 employees. With perseverance, boldness and ambition, KABATEC grew swiftly and quickly established itself on the global market. After nine years, the number of employees increased fivefold to more than 70 specialists. The company's business development gives ample cause for optimism. Annual revenues have grown exponentially. To ensure proper planning for the future and the development of innovative technologies, KABATEC's acquisition by the Swiss company Komax was arranged in 2016. Komax is the worldwide technology and market leader in the production of solutions for automated cable processing. In the same year, Komax acquired the Ondal Tape Processing GmbH and merged this company with KABATEC. Through the consolidation of the two companies and the ongoing development of existing products together with future-oriented automation solutions in the areas of e-mobility and self-driving cars, the extension of existing facilities at the Burghaun location that was completed in 2015 is already reaching the limits of its capacities.

"With a new facility featuring a production area of 3,000 square meters and an administrative area of 2,500 square meters in the Burghaun-Gruben industrial park, we aim to maintain the value of the company with the diverse potential of our highly qualified and motivated employees. And we want to make an economically valuable contribution to the Fulda region," commented the KABATEC top management.