From start-up to global market leader

5 October 2018

KABATEC GmbH & Co. KG celebrates 10 years in business

Global success through customer focus in Burghaun, Germany. KABATEC GmbH & Co. KG has lots of reason to celebrate: In just ten years the company has successfully established itself on the world market in the field of bundling and taping technology. WRF talked with the company Managing Directors Heinz Billing and Markus Reisinger.

Mr. Billing, Mr Reisinger, how did it all get started?

Heinz Billing: In 2008 we set up an independent company with 15 employees and a strong belief in ourselves and our ideas.

Markus Reisinger: Powered by the wish to establish interesting and above all secure jobs, we worked tirelessly. On this basis, we gained the trust of customers and established ourselves in a short time on the global market.

What were the most important events in your company history?

Heinz Billing: The recognition that we not only can develop machines but also sell them was the first hurdle that we passed successfully. We saw quickly that with innovations and a real closeness to customers we can be successful on a global basis. For this reason we invest lots of work and energy in new projects and always keep pace with the latest trends. This makes it possible for us to understand our customers and to find special solutions for them.

Markus Reisinger: The number of employees has increased continually and today numbers 85. For this reason we expanded our capacities in Burghaun three years ago. But in 2017 we again reached the spatial limits of our existing  facilities. One reason for this among others was our merger with the Ondal Tape Processing GmbH in Hünefeld under the auspices of the Swiss parent company Komax.

What are you planning for the future?

Heinz Billing: With a view to electromobility and self-driving vehicles, we want to open up new as yet unknown areas and put the market's potential for development and expansion profitably to use.

Markus Reisinger: So that we'll be able to achieve this, we are currently building a new facility in the Gruben industrial park. 3,000 square meters of production space and 2,500 square meters for administrative purposes will give us enough room to flex our wings to begin with.